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Welcome to Sardinia

“Welcome to the land where the wind has made a home, to the land that engraves its name on the soul of those who find it; the land of colorful scents, long silences and strong looks.

Welcome to the land that keeps the pact between the sea and the sky.

Welcome to Sardinia. “


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Our Excursions

“Sealives puts man, nature and people in contact with each other.
It is an opportunity to rediscover the ancestral energy that unites the elements, to share experiences and to return to the pure essence of life.”

01. Full Day Sharing

The excursion is ideal for those who want to dedicate a  full day at sea in the company of other people.

Duration: 7 hours


02. Full Day Exclusive

The “Exclusive” Excursion plans to discover Sealives all for yourself, with a customizable tour.

Duration: 7 hours


03. Half Day Exclusive

The “Half” Excursion is ideal for those who prefer not to spend the whole day at sea.

Duration: 4 hours


A day with us

– We connect man and nature –

Together we will go to the discovery of ancient towers, cliffs, stacks, caves and depths, we will reach inaccessible coves, we will meet marine plants and animals that have grown free in their environment; we will be part of landscapes and scenarios of indescribable beauty, in relaxation. For the little ones there are equipment suitable for them on board in order both to create fun and to transmit knowledge and love for the sea. You will be the protagonists of an experience that blends between culture and nature, and in the end we will take you home with the awareness of having experienced something authentic and unforgettable, of having managed to make you hear the voice of the sea.


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– The gem in the Mediterranean that we are going to explore –

The Coral Riviera

It is so called due to the great importance of the red coral that has been fished and worked in its waters to make jewels and ornaments since the times of ancient Rome.

Its territory has two main types: mostly flat in the area south of the city of Alghero and mixed in the north: in fact, here stands the highest relief in the area, Monte Doglia, which despite reaching only 442 meters, stands as ” top” highest in the district. In the north-western end, instead, rises the massive promontory of Capocaccia which dominates the roadstead.

The Capocaccia Isola Piana marine protected area develops in this area, the treasure chest of our excursions.
It is characterized by the presence of limestone promontories, dating back to the Cretaceous period, overlooking the sea with imposing cliff formations, which reach a height of over 300 meters at Punta Cristallo.

The marine area is bordered by Punta delle Gessiere to the north and Capo Galera to the south, and includes a vast portion of the sea which also includes the gulf of Porto Conte.

The protected area is divided into three zones, according to the level of protection to which they are subject:

Zone A, integral reserve – there are two absolute protection zones, the first located at Punta Sant’Antonio and Cala Porto Agre, and the second at the western part of Isola Piana; it is not possible to enter these areas except for scientific control and study reasons;

Zone B, general reserve – includes the stretch of coast from Punta delle Gessiere to Cala del Bollo and from Punta del Cerchio to Capo Galera;

Zone C, partial reserve – includes the entire bay of Porto Conte, excluding a stretch of sea defined as an access corridor, and the stretch of coast around zones B.

Our vehicle: AQABLU

– With Sealives nothing is left to chance –

AQABLU” is the result of a careful selection made taking into account various aspects.
It’s a dinghy so it offers versatile styling; guarantees the highest levels of stability and safety both in navigation and when stationary, the reduced draft allows it to approach and access points that are inaccessible by other means. There is also a shower on board. It is fast when needed, so you won’t waste biblical times on transfers but it will be possible to visit a greater number of sites of interest. It’s neither huge nor small because we don’t want to bring many people but leave people very satisfied.

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