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The Half Exclusive

Whether you are a couple, solitary or a group of friends, if you prefer to have the dinghy and the staff at your disposal but without being out all day, you can opt for the exclusive Half Day. There is no lunch stop and there will be NO other people on board except you.

9:30 – 13:30 | 15:00 – 19:00

– Dinghy 7.20 meters;
– Snorkelling and relaxation equipment;
– Refreshments with fresh seasonal fruit
– Tour of the protected marine area

This is the solution for those who prefer not to spend the whole day at sea.
The morning is perfect for those who want to avoid the hottest hours and take advantage of the least busy time of the day.
The afternoon is suitable for those who like to get up slowly, prefer the intense sun and, for once, avoid the crowds of the beaches.
Approximately 2/3 swimming stops are planned for the half day.

To book it is necessary to make advance payment, via PayPal or bank transfer, making sure to insert the tax code of the person issuing it in the payment details.

In the event that for reasons attributable to us or if weather conditions do not allow the excursion to be cancelled, the amount will be refunded in full.

It is possible to cancel the reservation without losing the amount paid up to and no later than 72 hours before the departure date.

Half Day Exclusive

Duration: 4 hours

– €550 for up to 6 passengers
– €600 for 6 to 9 passengers.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the excursion?
Our full day excursion lasts 7 hours.
The half-day excursion lasts 4 hours and it is possible to choose between morning and afternoon with the following times:
-Morning excursion from 09.30 to 13.30
-Afternoon excursion from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

How much does it cost?
Full day excursion in sharing: €110 per person
Exclusive Excursion: €550 for up to 6 guests and €600 for 6 to 9 guests.

What is included in the price?
The price includes: snorkeling equipment, refreshments with fruit and water, and the guide service offered by our skipper. A €15 voucher for lunch for the whole day.
Petrol is always included in the price.

Is the trip suitable for children?
Yes, our excursion is perfectly suitable for children.
Moreover, children up to 2 years old do not pay the ticket, while for those aged 2 to 12 we have reserved a 10% discount. In order to take advantage of it, however, it is necessary to point out the presence of children when booking by sending a message to the WhatsApp number, wait for confirmation and obtain a voucher that you can insert when paying for the excursion. Without following this procedure it will not be possible to take advantage of the discounts.

What is the difference between an exclusive trip and a shared trip?
In the exclusive trip you will have the dinghy and the skipper only for you, no other guests will be present on board.
In the shared trip you will find other guests on board, you can be a maximum of 9 people plus the skipper.

What places will we visit?
The departure from the port of Alghero is scheduled to go towards Capo Caccia, we will cross the protected marine area and the bay of Porto Conte. The stops will be decided by the commander, depending on the weather conditions of the day.

How many bathroom breaks will we make?
The bathroom stops vary from 2 to 3 over the 4 hours.

What to bring for the excursion?
It is recommended to bring along a spare swimsuit, towel, sunscreen and a sweatshirt.

Will we see dolphins?
We won’t always be lucky enough to see them, it often happens, but they are animals in the wild.

Can we stay in the shade?
Yes, the dinghy is equipped with a large awning.

On what type of boat will we go on our excursion?
It is a 12-seater Colbac 720 dinghy but for convenience it will be filled with a maximum of 9 people

Will we see the caves of Neptune?
No, we do not provide a visit to the caves of Neptune.

Where do we start from?
From the port of Alghero, in front of the Aquatica restaurant.
GPS point:

For extra-ordinary needs
(bachelorette, celibacy, etc etc) you can contact with a WhatsApp message on 331.3354426

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