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False Corallo, one of the inhabitants below the cliffs of Alghero

Here is another spectacular animal that we were able to meet during our excursions together with our guests. Its scientific name is Myriapora truncata, commonly known as false coral due to its evident resemblance to its more famous cousin the red coral; however, unlike the polyps of true coral, which are white, the polypoids of this species have the same color as the ramifications, therefore orange-red. We found the false coral in its most congenial situation, inside some semi-submerged caves along the cliffs which we went to discover and we were able to admire how much this species contributes to the beauty of these particular environments. In fact, Myriapora truncata lives in mainly shaded areas starting from 1-2 meters and up to 100 meters deep. This species belongs to the Bryozoans, which live on rocky, but also sandy and silty seabeds, prefer tropical marine environments, however due to their worldwide distribution can define themselves as cosmopolitan.

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